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Rowing to the other shore
A good syllogism:
1. A thing's existence, as itself, stops short of another thing.
2. Between one thing and another, is their shared boundary.
3. Therefore, things do not inherently exist, but are dependent on other things.

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    Myths about life   — A short exhortation designed to separate the 'beginner-thinker' from the others. Which are you?
    The Truth Paper   — Only one issue was produced in November 2005. But only one was needed.
    Verses on wisdom   — Simple, logical, and crystal-clear, and describing the Infinite.
    Essays   — Cursive reflections on the spiritual life.
    Letters   — Some of my correspondence, including topics like love, logic, God, and the like.
    Pets and Gender [PDF]   — Pet ownership and sexual differences in psychology.
    Life on the internet   — About me (briefly), with an aside on why I chose not to "fit-in". Email: kellyjones001@bigpond.com

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    Wise Misogyny Unlimited   — Why masculinity is the superior psychology in the philosophical realms. Videos.
    An atheist memoir   — A well-reasoned, passionate essay on Philogyny, the most popular religion. For serious atheists only.
    100 Seaside Nights   — Primal solitary exercises.
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